Viven Smoked Porter

Walking through the bottle shop and saw this Smoked Porter from Viven laying on the shelf and picked it up. The site doesn't give much information on it but the bottle talks about brewing Belgian tradition and a little bit like that. Apparently this brewery isn't that old at all. Dating back to 1999. Not that it matters, but I was just surprised to see such a young brewery from that part of the world.

This was a nice little smoked porter. Not as aggressive as some American versions I have tried. This was more so about the texture and layering of the beer itself. Once I popped the bottle, the smokiness of this one kind of filled my general area. I thought it was weird that this beer had such a thin mouthfeel but it did not detract from anything of importance. It was burnt and toasty but with an underlying layer of sweet chocolate. The smoked malt carries on long but it is still very nice. I was told I should pick up some of their other offerings and I think I will. It was very nice.


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