1001 Beers: Hibernation

I was actually lucky enough to have this next beer in the brewery. I have had a couple of Great Divide beers in the past but not many. I was glad to find that the brewery was right down the street from where I was while I was trying to Find Abbey.

Beer Number 25: Hibernation

I have never had or heard of this beer before but apparently it is big news. This was my first encounter with it so I had no idea what to expect. I also had a few other beers while there. A couple of tasters and two other "pints". Not that I care the pour size I get, I really base it on the beer, but I wish they would not just call everything a pint... but that is for another time.
In the late 1990s, several Colorado breweries attached the suffix "-ation" to beers released for winter drinking (no doubt in homage to the German practice of adding "-ator" to the names of their cold weather beers)... The Denver-based brewery makes Hibernation each July but does not release it until the beginning of November. Many of its fans will further age it for a year or more in their own cellars to give it a richer and deeper flavor.
Either they started releasing it earlier or I got lucky with being able to get it before the release by being in Denver. Pretty bad ass if you ask me.

This beer was, as you can see a very dark, wintery brown. Up to light it had a ruby appearance. It was a bit toasty, malty, and maybe a bit of sweet chocolate. You can also pick up a little brown sugar and fig or something in there. I am sure there is quite a bit that I missed in there. It was a crazy day and a crazy weekend. All of the flavors seem random but the way they come together you can tell this beer was meant to be enjoyed on a cool night in the company of the things, or ones you love... or by yourself, but hey.

The hops come in late, though they are barely there. Earthy is how I would describe it... Kind of at the point where you are smacking yourself because you are shocked at how smooth it seemed when you find out it is almost 9% alcohol and you were just guzzling it. I gave the beer a 4/5 while sitting in the brewery.

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