Olde Hickory: The Bean

Bottle Revolution has teamed up with Olde Hickory Brewery and together they created, The Bean. Bottle Revolution has been around for almost a year and a half and do not seem to be losing any steam. I know this isn't exactly an anniversary beer but I wonder if Bottle Revolution will go ahead and create a similar tradition to Bottleworks. I think just about any local brewery would agree to make a second anniversary ale and then see what happens from there. Bottle Revolution is kind of World Renowned.

Bottleworks is the only other bottle shop I know that has had a brewery make a special beer for them. They are located back home in Seattle. I am sure others may have done it, but I cannot think of one other instance. Bottleworks has gotten with some pretty big breweries in the past for their anniversary beers. You may have had or remember quite a few of them. #9 From Russian River, #10 From New Belgium, #11 From Big Sky, #12 From The Bruery, & #13 From Stone. That was as far back as I could confirm, and I wonder who is going to take #14...

Anyway though, I kind of got way off target. Here is the Bottle Revolution Announcement.
Olde Hickory Brewery has brewed a beer for us!!! Behold: 'The Bean' is a stout with vanilla beans & coffee. The quick story on the lovely pooch in the picture: Bean is my dog, an SPCA adoptee ... and one of the most fabulous dogs you'll ever meet.
With that said, The Bean.

This beer came as an instant shock to me when I popped it open and poured it. Nothing unusual. It had a deep, dark brown appearance and a small tan head that dissipated rather quickly. Probably as a result of the coffee bean oils. But when I took my first whiff of this one... SPICY SPICE SPICE in my nose. It was not overly spicy or even hot for that matter. Just the coffee came off a lot stronger there than I was expecting. Though, don't get me wrong it is not that strong on the nose at all either. Confusing, huh? Go get one.

The Bean had a fairly light body and a rush of coffee initially. You get a little bit of chocolate and vanilla that help to smooth things out and the carbonation just bubbles around your mouth in a fairly nice manner. This stout is pretty sweet but very easy drinking. I poured it at 52f, but it gets better as you drink it. Each sip is better than the previous.

If you are expecting a radical, out of control beer, this is not it. The Bean is well crafted and I feel it goes back to the basics of what a beer should be. More brewers should do this. Take a step back and brew a good beer instead of trying to push the envelope. Personally, I would have expected this beer to have a bit more roast character to it but that may have been cut back due to the coffee and vanilla flavors in it. I am not sure what BJCP styles this one was brewed to specifically, but I feel it is a great example of 13B, Sweet Stout. 4/5


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