1001 Beers: IPA

Beer Number 77: Stone IPA

So, I have had this beer already on the blog but I decided to give it its own post. I wish I could have grabbed a bottle of it... Hell, I know I will and I could have waited but I decided not to. So, Stone IPA.
They released Stone IPA as their first-anniversary beer, knowing it would then take a place in the regular lineup--and also establish the fact that each other Stone beers, the IPA sets itself apart because the recipe doesn't include any of the Cascade hops common in most West Coast hop-centric, beers--
So, not the day I am drinking this one, but the day I am writing this post happens to be the 17th annivesary of Stone and the day they sold their first keg of Stone Pale Ale to their first account. Pizza Port. And Pizza Port even came and picked up the keg. Just to give you an idea of how far I am behind in my posting... almost caught up though... Kind of...

As you can see, this beer is in its proper serving glass at the melting pot. A very nice and citrusy ale with pine character coming in and taking you by storm. A nice malt background and an amazingly dry finish. Classic Stone. Classic Beer. Classic, GET SOME!

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  1. I like the fact that you posted about Stone IPA on #IPADay despite the fact that just a few days ago you declared the concept "lame" (http://activebrewer.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-session-ipa-whats-big-deal.html).


    Was that an intentional irony ... or did you not even realize you were posting on #IPADay?

    1. Honestly, I didn't realize it at all until just a bit ago lol but I think my post tomorrow for The Session, will make up for it :)

      I promise next month I will leave IPAs Alpine :p