Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

So, once again it is that time of year where Sierra Nevada has opened up their Beer Camp contest and released a 12 pack of some of their favorite beers. Actually, I have no idea how they select what beers go into the packs. The first year, they were all random numbers... and I think the same as last year. This year Batch #93, 94, & 95 are in the mixer. I will post my thoughts on those beers really soon... and it gives me more opportunities to plug this post.

Why do I want to plug this post? Well, I am need your votes! The more votes I get, the higher my odds of going to Beer Camp are. The title of my video is, "The Best Beer In The World", which is kind of a parody of Tribute from Tenacious D. Basically it follows me as I am to bring a demon The Best Beer In The World. You can check out the video over at the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp site. You are allowed to vote once a day between now and September 30th now that my video is live!!! Please help :D and have your friends help... and their friends help... and maybe their bosses... but hey, that might be pushing it.

There are some things I wish I could have done differently, but for only 10 minutes of shooting and then cutting this video together in order to get it submitted 3 days past opening, hey... It is done and submitted!!! More time for votes! I'm off to a decent start already, but those that were submitted at the very beginning already have over 100 votes, so I need to catch up and maintain it for almost 2 months... This could be tricky as new submissions roll in... but it will be worth it. And it was a very fun video to shoot. Anyway, I am sure you will hear more details about this later. For now, Enjoy my video, Enjoy some good beer, and Thank You For Your Votes!!!!



  1. I voted for you. Unfortunately, it looks like you are pretty far behind the leaders right now. Hope you get more votes. I'll vote as often as I can.

    Good luck.

    1. Thank You!!! Yeah, the other videos already have a 2-3 day lead on me. I am trying to make up for lost ground.

      I think this video is better than the one I was going to submit this year, so the extra time was worth it, IMO.


  2. It looks like you are making up some ground.