1001 Beers: Double Simcoe IPA

Beer Number 103: Weyerbacher Doubel Simcoe IPA

Double Simcoe is apparently one of the greatest beers out there. I always hear about it and so many homebrewers I know want to replicate it, or something like it. I have not had many Simcoe beers... that I know of, but I hear mixed reports on the flavors that it gives off... I do not have first hand knowledge.

So, I had a bottle of Double Simcoe at home but while I was out at The Yard House, I found it on tap and figured I would give it a try... after ordering, I noticed that they had Allagash Fluxus 2013 on tap... I wish I would have ordered that but maybe I will be getting a bottle of it soon.
As you would expect, Double Simcoe is intensely bitter. Yet, the hops bring a variety of flavors to this strong ale: pineapple and pine, with a certain earthiness that is reminiscent of trekking through a forest, in search, perhaps, of that holy grail.

So, like I said, I first had this one on tap... and I hated it. No lie. Hella bitter, I got that earthy pine-ness but pineapples? No. Maybe some grapefruit but not the tasty kind. There really isn't a lot I wanted to say about this beer on tap. When I drank it out of the bottle, it was more enjoyable but I can tell the bottle had a little bit of age on it. Not saying it was old or anything but it was mellowed out compared to the fresh draft. I drank them both and went on my way. One I will not be purchasing for myself again.

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