1001 Beers: Bear Republic

1001 Beers: Bear Republic Racer 5 & Hop Rod Rye

Racer 5 is one of the first IPAs that I was able to drink multiples of. Before this time the only IPA I liked was DFH 120 Minute... which is way extreme for anyone who hated the style to begin with. Though, time and tolerance changes I guess.

Beer Number 104: Racer 5
Racer 5 quickly became Ricardo's top selling beer, although Rocket Red Ale was the original flagship. The former is an IPA that packs a punch at 84 IBUs, but is as noteworthy for its aromatic blend of Northwest American hops--Cascade, Columbus, and Chinook.
I have not had this one since I visited the brewery way back when but I am glad to revisit it.

Racer 5 is quite enjoyable, though there is some flavor that I never noticed before that I pulled out today... I don't know how to describe it but, this beer had a light, very soft and mellow resiny nose. Pine also peeked through. A very malty, smooth bitterness, and a grassy finish on top of a medium bodied beer with a very robust hop flavor that lingers long after the finish. It really sticks to your tongue.

Beer Number 105: Hop Rod Rye
At 8 percent abv and with more than 90 IBUs, it is somewhere between an India Pale Ale and a double IPA. However, there is also 20 percent rye in the grist, which adds a rich, bready texture.
I love rye in beers and this one was no exception. This was actually the first beer I had had and checked into untappd!

Hop Rod Rye had that same light and fluffy nose but there is a whole new world of flavor when you dive into it. Nice rye character, some spice and a velvety, malty texture. Nice strong flavor and a fuller body it seems than Racer 5. Though, that new flavor is coming through in this one too... I have no idea how to describe it or what it is coming from...

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  1. Excellent stuff, Bear Republic rarely disappoints!

    1. I agree. I would love to get back out to their brewery.