1001 Beers: The Final Catch Up...

Ok, so this 1001 Beers post is not going to follow my normal format.... honestly, it will be almost formatless... I know I said this before... but... I plan to keep up from now on............ Ok, now that this is out of the way, lets check out what I have had.

Any questions, please ask. #SuperLazyStatus #IllFixIt

xxx Beers Left To Go!



  1. Wow, didn't realize all those Harviestoun's were on the list! Their beers have eluded me as of yet. Around me, the special ones usually come with quite the price tag. You think they're worth it?

    1. They list Ola Duhb on the list and the picture is of the 30 year, but I've been able to find all but the 40 year so I figured why not lol I do really enjoy them and recommend. But yeah, The price tag... that's a thing. Lol