1001 Beers: Cottonwood Pumpkin

Beer Number 113: Foothills Cottonwood Pumpkin

I had a taste of this one at Twin City Taps last year, but I was not thinking about the list or even if I should count something that was just a sample where it is readily available.

So this beer was originally a Carolina Beer Company beer but I guess they were sold as they became defunt... or something... I don't know the full story. I think I remember someone telling me one day, but I can't remember what they said...
Carolina Beer purchased the Cottonwood Ales brand from the original Boone brewery in 1999. The Pumpkin Spiced Ale is Carolina Beer's most popular seasonal brew.
Even though another company is now in charge of this beer I can see why. It was simply fantastic. Some would say you never hear that about pumpkin ales, but it is true in this case.

Cottonwood Pumpkin poured a golden amber color with a short lived white head. Maybe a finger width in height before it began to fade. A very clean and clear ale with a bit of spice, nutmeg and all spice on the nose. Up front there was some sweetness, a very light sensation being brought over the palate and the pumpkin spice flavors are pretty welcoming. A medium bodied mouthfeel with some fruits and spice in the finish and a nice sour touch. I very much enjoyed this one.

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