Headed to GABF

Not too much exciting going on here... EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I AM HEADED TO THE AIRPORT AND GOING TO BOARD MY FLIGHT TO GABF!!!!!!! Ok, sorry... I guess I am missing the first day so I cannot be too excited :p but I am getting to day 2 and 3. I guess the only thing to figure out now is what I am going to do while in Denver and the festival is not going on... This is my first year there... I don't know what to do or expect. All I can do now is wait. I hear the lines are ridiculous. I hope I don't end up stuck in something all day and miss out on all the fun stuff... I should have ordered a tour guide haha. Anyway, a full report via Twitter and once I get back.


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  1. Good luck. Have fun. There are tons of things going on during Denver Beer Week. Dave over at Fermentedly Challenged posts a bunch of information, and I bet you'll be able to find something to do from one of his recent posts. http://www.fermentedlychallenged.com/