1001 Beers: Pale Ale

Beer Number 13: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

What can one say about this beer. I mean it is the classic pale ale. The best selection at pretty much any place that you go to that is not geared toward craft beer geeks. Most popular pale ale out there.

I brought this bottle back from my latest trip to Sierra Nevada. I learned a lot about the creation and production of this beer. It is hard to image what is so significant about this beer with everything going on in the beer world today but times were much different back then. From 1001 Beers:
Sierra Nevada's founder Ken Grossman wanted to make a beer that didn't reference English pale ales, and that had a pronounced hop aroma--there weren't many in those days.
I know, right? Anyway...

A very clean, crisp, dry, and a little toasty. Grassy nose with a little citrus aroma. The Purest Ingredients and the Finest Quality. Simple enough.

988 Bottles of Beer To Go!


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